About Me

What was life like for people living decades or centuries ago?

As a history nerd, I’ve always been interested in this question. As a research professional, it’s my job to investigate it for you.

Some twenty-ish years ago, I decided to dig in to my own family research and bought my first family tree software. I was instantly hooked and made it my hobby to uncover the details of my family lines, becoming the unofficial historian of both my dad’s and mom’s sides of the family. Soon I was researching my wife’s family lines too, and then more and more I began researching for other family members and friends. Now, with membership in the National Genealogical Society and a pending certification, I have created Vivid Family Research so that I can use my skills to help you bring your past to light, too.

I grew up in Massachusetts, loving the four seasons but hating the Red Sox. (Don’t hold it against me, Fenway lovers!) I have an undergraduate degree in business management and 30 years’ work experience with the United States Postal Service as a carrier and a clerk. After taking an early retirement from the post office, I put my full attention toward this passion for family history and research.

Currently I’m based in Texas, but I work with clients from all over the world. My wife and I have been married twenty blissful years and love to travel; our favorite destinations so far are Ireland and Sweden. In my spare time, I volunteer with the American Red Cross, watch a lot of the History channel, and take my dog on long walks so she can live her dream life as a squirrel-chaser.

Hi! I'm Chris Lucia.
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