Ben Frankin said there are only two guarantees in life, and unfortunately, genealogy results are not one of them. Vivid Family Research will make every attempt to find the information and documents needed to answer your research question/s; however, over the years, some records and historical documents have been damaged, destroyed or lost to time.

Surprisingly, not very much. Of course, it helps to give as much information as possible, but just by simply knowing the names of your grandparents, when and where they were born, married and/or died (or a combination thereof), I can generally start to build a family tree.

A: There are four options to choose from for your research project: an hourly rate for simple research questions, billed at $50.00 per hour, and three research packages. The packages start at 5 hours of research and report writing for $225.00. The middle package is 10 hours of research and report writing for $400.00. The premium package is 20 hours of research and report writing for $600.00. Please see the Services page for everything that is included in the packages.

If, after an initial search, no records or documents can be found for your research question/s, then you will be given a short report explaining all of the avenues taken to try to find the information and you will not be charged any fee.

Vivid Family Research accepts Visa, Mastercard, Venmo, PayPal, and personal checks.

Clients can expect 100% of my attention, therefore, I work on a maximum of two projects at a time (based on when both parties have agreed on a research question/s). After I begin your project, if it is a short, narrow question, you can expect to have your report in less than a week. If you choose one of the package projects, the general timeframe is about two weeks.

You will receive a PDF file attached in an email with all of the findings to answer your research question/s in an easy-to-read, conversation-like report. Included will be copies of all records, indexes, abstracts, articles, etc. found during the research, as well as a pedigree chart or family group sheet, if applicable. The report will have citations and analyzations of the records found, along with suggestions for further research, if applicable.

A note about the records: All records will have a full citation and a link (if the records were found online). Records may be found on subscription sites, so if you click on the link for such a record, you may be prompted to subscribe to view the record. For this reason, images of ALL records will be included, at no extra charge, in your final report for you to view.

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